I call myself Jesse Blayne.  I use a pseudonym because I write a lot about my ex-husband and narcissism, and I live in a small town.

And I’m a chicken.

In 2009 I started blogging about my experiences with narcissism.

I wrote out of anger and desperation.  I was trying to prove that I wasn’t the one who was crazy.  I was trying to convince myself that my failed marriage wasn’t all my fault.

Then some kind people – like you – found my blog.

They said things like:

“OMG, I’m not the only one!”

“My husband does the same things, and I thought it was all my fault.”

“I’m so glad I found someone who knows exactly what I’ve been going through.”


I found a group of folks that I could connect with, and things started to make sense.

I found encouragement, understanding, humor and camaraderie.

That was almost four years ago.

I’m still blogging, but now I write from a healthier place.  Trust me, I still rant about narcissism once in awhile.  Mostly, I rant about how my kids still have to deal with their narcissistic dad, and how we have learned to cope.

But I also write about single-parenting, a little on homeschooling, and a lot on making a good life after ditching my original plan – you know, the plan about happily-ever-after with a husband and kids, two cars in the driveway and a pot roast every Sunday.

You will find encouragement here.

You may find answers to those middle-of-the-night questions.

You will find understanding, a shoulder to cry on, friends to lift you up, and a place to vent where folks know exactly what you are going through.

I’m glad you are here.

I hope you find some comfort and make some friends.


Contact me – JesseBlayne (at) gmail (dot) com.

Or find me on Twitter – @JesseBlayne.

SurvivingNarcissism.com is where I can be found when I’m not with my kids.